Premiere: Vulgarians Share ‘Naturally Nothing’ Video

Coming off as a spiritual successor to the insane creations of Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin, destructive act Vulgarians have released an accompanying video for their track ‘Naturally Nothing’. With the same hazy filter that appeared on ‘Lost Sanity Smiles’, the video is just as monstrous and sinister as the song itself with intentional choppy editing that could give Suicide Squad a run for its money. Following the band’s interaction with a schizophrenic man, ‘Naturally Nothing’ gives off a Fight Club vibe that can’t be shook with violent and unsettling imagery before dipping its toes in B-Horror movie waters. All in all, the messy delight that is ‘Naturally Nothing’ has been perfectly partnered with this video. Continue reading “Premiere: Vulgarians Share ‘Naturally Nothing’ Video”


Premiere: Dose Share New Demo ‘Bloom’

Just as the title would imply, ‘Bloom’ is a slowly transcending tapestry of cool ambient sounds and shoe-gaze staples that is as chilling as it is soothing. From the minds of Newcastle act Dose, the track is injected with an array of alluring instrumentals that span the entirety of its running time, leaving the firm impression that the band are potent and bursting with potential.

Liam Menzies

Premiere: Sewage Farm Share “Ariel” Video

New UK trio Sewage Farm play heavily on contrast in their brand new track Ariel, a breezy two-minute gem with a darker undertow of garage scuzz. There’s something of The Magic Gang’s ‘Jasmine’ in its loved up singalong chorus, guitarist/vocalist Sam Forrest proclaiming, “Ariel, Ariel call my name, Can you tell Ariel we’re just the same?” in a message as old as time- fancying a girl. Shot in Germany, the video sees Ariel’s driving indie pop superimposed over black and white footage of bleak high rise flats, the band eating ice cream and picking flowers in the shadow of an imposing tower block. Continue reading “Premiere: Sewage Farm Share “Ariel” Video”

Premiere: Van Zeller Share New Single “Hold Me Back”

Van Zeller the safest garage band in Bristol today, have already conquered the South West and are now preparing to take on the rest of the UK with their so called “High-Octane Garage Rock ‘n’ Roll”. After the hotly tipped success of their debut track She’s Moving Right they now share with us their latest instalment. Hold Me Back. Continue reading “Premiere: Van Zeller Share New Single “Hold Me Back””

Premiere: Leeds Based Frenchgirls Release Self-Titled EP

Having played alongside the likes of Juan Waters and Darlia, Leeds band Frenchgirls haven’t as much recorded as you might expect from their success in the north. However, the spring has brought with it their self titled debut EP, a collection of wonderful jangle pop songs merging instrumentation of every sort with extra-terrestrial elements. Continue reading “Premiere: Leeds Based Frenchgirls Release Self-Titled EP”

Premiere: Teen Brains Share New Track ‘Wash Away’

You don’t need me to tell you that shoegaze has witnessed a second wind recently. While it may have declined in popularity during the 90s, in no small part to the rise of the colossal Britpop and grunge movement, acts like DIIV and Ringo Deathstarr have introduced this forgotten genre to a new audience. 

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