GILLBANKS: “I’m Still Pummelling Away”

Sam Gillbanks is a Peckham based musician who simply goes about under his surname “GILLBANKS”. He immediately caught my eye when I saw him play at the Roundhouse Rising Festival back in March. Backed by his band, an abundance of grungy energy circulated the stage. I caught up with him, in his bedroom.

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HODGE: “You’ve Got to Credit Everyone Making Music DIY”

DIY musician HODGE has been bubbling away cooking up something nice since the release of his debut single, and it’s finally ready to be served up. You is jam-packed with summer vibes and a catchy lyrical rhythm and is an appetising taster to the full EP which will be released later this year. What can be expected with the EP is more of the same as HODGE has really tried to put out a collection of songs that work well tighter and capture an overriding theme or feeling. In You the vocals and the lyrics seem to juxtapose each other, with HODGE opting for a sweet and soft voice that dances around really critical and in moment’s harsh lyrics. The guitar pattern is highly upbeat in this really simple track and following his track record it seems the rest of the EP will follow in this same style. Continue reading “HODGE: “You’ve Got to Credit Everyone Making Music DIY””

Absent Friends: “I’m Just Making It for Myself”

Absent Friends is one of those music projects that comes along once in a while that reminds you that music is an art form, and what’s been produced here is a canvas of emotion and a perfect soundscape for reflection and thought and everything in-between. Continue reading “Absent Friends: “I’m Just Making It for Myself””

An Interview with Game-Changers Flying Vinyl

They’ve started a quiet revolution with a lot of noisy music, from delivering monthly boxes of the very best new music on exclusive vinyl to organising their first festival. We spoke to Craig from Flying Vinyl about reconnecting with music, new talent and this Saturday’s festival. Continue reading “An Interview with Game-Changers Flying Vinyl”

Sad Culture: “Soon I Think There Is Going to Be a Big Revelation in Something New”

Sad Culture consist of 5 South West London youngsters, Harry, Jordan, Alex, Connor and Zachary. Their groovy low-fi sound will have you all over the place in no time. I met with them at Vauxhall City Farm to find out what it’s all about. And to see the baby animals, obviously. Continue reading “Sad Culture: “Soon I Think There Is Going to Be a Big Revelation in Something New””