Reading and Leeds Festival: Ones to Watch

From the highest points of Reading and Leeds, the looming framework of the festival stages are finally starting to take shape. Campsites are being prepped and gallons of overpriced warm, stale beer are being rolled into grotty bars. First aiders and poor downtrodden volunteers are armed with their plasters, scissors and water in preparation for drunken stupidity and the inevitable taping of a young male to a telephone pole. If you’ve ever been to Reading or Leeds, you know that the prodigious atmospheric buzz is enough to elastically spring you back into coming year after year. Here’s who were most excited to see this year…

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Ones to Watch: INHEAVEN

They’re an ethereal whirr of distortion, plaid, glorious hair, sparkles – oh, and did I mention that they’re Julian Casablancas’ new favourite band? Apart from the major hair envy that they enlist, what is so distinctive about South London newbies INHEAVEN? Continue reading “Ones to Watch: INHEAVEN”