Communions – ‘Eternity’

‘Here we go again…’ and indeed we do, because unsurprisingly Communions’ newly unveiled track ‘Eternity’ is another stunner. It’s got that thing that those 80s bands like The Cure had – a perfect sense of shimmering aching love, just a dash of melancholy in an oddly life affirming tune. They’ve somehow mastered that sense of nostalgia, but fusing it with an incredibly 2016 production that makes it sound just so vast. It’s just layer upon layer of subtle references, from thrilling synths to rapid heart beat drumming and then to power pop guitars. Instant classic, just add a good pair of headphones. Continue reading “Communions – ‘Eternity’”


Communions – “Don’t Hold Anything Back”

A gloriously summery piece indie-pop track, Don’t Hold Anything Back is a bit of a kaleidoscopic record. Just when you think you’ve sussed where the track is heading it surprises you. It’s an instant indie-hit, just made for the radio or teens to dance to in the mud at a festival. Continue reading “Communions – “Don’t Hold Anything Back””