Gorgeous Bully – Beaucoup

The first release from the split 7″, Gorgeous Bully‘s track Beaucoup, is three-and-a-half minutes of pure lo-fi pop at its most trashy and thrashy best; with hints to a changing sound from the band, who are becoming known for their frequent writing and releasing of new material. Continue reading “Gorgeous Bully – Beaucoup”


Shunkan’s The Pink Noise Gets a Repressing

From the first instance, The Pink Noise erupts into life – thrashing through Shunkan’s debut opener ‘Garden’ with fuzz pop in every glory imaginable, with the sticky sweet vocals of Marina Sakimoto and poppy leads that grab you like nothing else. This song has the effect that The Ting Tings brought with ‘Great DJ’ and ‘That’s Not My Name’ at age 13; one that pulls and pulls until you are filled with feelings of uninhibited and extemporary insurgence, with an undeniable excitement. Continue reading “Shunkan’s The Pink Noise Gets a Repressing”

Sad Culture: “Soon I Think There Is Going to Be a Big Revelation in Something New”

Sad Culture consist of 5 South West London youngsters, Harry, Jordan, Alex, Connor and Zachary. Their groovy low-fi sound will have you all over the place in no time. I met with them at Vauxhall City Farm to find out what it’s all about. And to see the baby animals, obviously. Continue reading “Sad Culture: “Soon I Think There Is Going to Be a Big Revelation in Something New””