Premiere: Dose Share New Demo ‘Bloom’

Just as the title would imply, ‘Bloom’ is a slowly transcending tapestry of cool ambient sounds and shoe-gaze staples that is as chilling as it is soothing. From the minds of Newcastle act Dose, the track is injected with an array of alluring instrumentals that span the entirety of its running time, leaving the firm impression that the band are potent and bursting with potential.

Liam Menzies


Communions – ‘Eternity’

‘Here we go again…’ and indeed we do, because unsurprisingly Communions’ newly unveiled track ‘Eternity’ is another stunner. It’s got that thing that those 80s bands like The Cure had – a perfect sense of shimmering aching love, just a dash of melancholy in an oddly life affirming tune. They’ve somehow mastered that sense of nostalgia, but fusing it with an incredibly 2016 production that makes it sound just so vast. It’s just layer upon layer of subtle references, from thrilling synths to rapid heart beat drumming and then to power pop guitars. Instant classic, just add a good pair of headphones. Continue reading “Communions – ‘Eternity’”

Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’

The recent trend of Simpsonwave managed to blend the nostalgic undertones of vaporwave music with the heart and melancholy of classic episodes of the longest running animated sitcom, resulting in what can only be described as one of the weirdest musical moments of 2016 so far. Continue reading “Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’”

Premiere: Sewage Farm Share “Ariel” Video

New UK trio Sewage Farm play heavily on contrast in their brand new track Ariel, a breezy two-minute gem with a darker undertow of garage scuzz. There’s something of The Magic Gang’s ‘Jasmine’ in its loved up singalong chorus, guitarist/vocalist Sam Forrest proclaiming, “Ariel, Ariel call my name, Can you tell Ariel we’re just the same?” in a message as old as time- fancying a girl. Shot in Germany, the video sees Ariel’s driving indie pop superimposed over black and white footage of bleak high rise flats, the band eating ice cream and picking flowers in the shadow of an imposing tower block. Continue reading “Premiere: Sewage Farm Share “Ariel” Video”

Communions – “Don’t Hold Anything Back”

A gloriously summery piece indie-pop track, Don’t Hold Anything Back is a bit of a kaleidoscopic record. Just when you think you’ve sussed where the track is heading it surprises you. It’s an instant indie-hit, just made for the radio or teens to dance to in the mud at a festival. Continue reading “Communions – “Don’t Hold Anything Back””

Alcohol, Lust and Shitty Nightclubs: Hunck – “All Dressed Up”

All Dressed Up is the new single from Hunck, a ‘sob-rock’ quintet of Frank Sinatra fans from Tottenham and a Google search one letter away from a gallery of greasy muscled men.  It opens with a surge of electric melody which seamlessly morphs into meowing guitar. The song tells a tale of the frustration of being stood up by a girl, a whirlwind romance, two thirds alcohol, one third lust, shattered in the light of a shitty nightclub disco-ball. Continue reading “Alcohol, Lust and Shitty Nightclubs: Hunck – “All Dressed Up””

Get Dancing to Moses Gunn Collective’s Glammed-Up New Track

If possible, Australian neo-psych quintet Moses Gunn Collective have glammed things up even more with their latest release Dream Girls, a no strings attached disco fling. The initial pretty-but-dull synthy swirl and monotone thud of the verse is transformed by the chorus; the shrill back and forth uniting danceable psych and Noughties club pop vibes, the refrain of “Stay in bed all day, Waiting for the night” glitching over and over like a pilled up Europop banger. A spooky breakdown followed by a blast of more conventional psych rock pushes Dream Girls to its dazed, glittery conclusion. Continue reading “Get Dancing to Moses Gunn Collective’s Glammed-Up New Track”

Chest Pains – “Blood Pumping”

Despite the relative difficulty in finding Chest Pains’ new track Blood Pumping amidst heart attack advice on Google, it is definitely worth the resolution – Blood Pumping is a stark, heavy, screeching track that although lasts just over 2 minutes, hits you as hard as a heart attack could. A follow-up to last November’s EP Beach Beauties, this track is one that cements Chest Pains’ recognisably scratchy garage sound complemented by their raucous live show, and introduces their upcoming EP Bath Bandits. Continue reading “Chest Pains – “Blood Pumping””