Teen Brains – Translucent EP

It’s hard to discover new music as soon as it arrives consistently. With the amount that comes through each and every day, sometimes absolute gems can slip through your fingers until they start to crack the mainstream or gain some noise in the media. Likewise, London’s Teen Brains released their self-titled debut EP last year which completely evaded my listening. Luckily, 2016 sees them back for more with their destructive yet hazy new release Translucent. Continue reading “Teen Brains – Translucent EP”


Sam Butcher – Aretha EP

Remixing one of the greats is never easy, but Sam Butcher, guitarist of Mirror Gorillas, proves that it is possible with his euphoric debut EP, Aretha. Although Mirror Gorillas are a band that fit firmly within the remits of the indie world, Sam goes against this, instead exploring he synthy trip-pop aspects of electronic music, and even drawing in elements of hip-hop. But this isn’t any old electronic bedroom EP; the use of Aretha Franklin’s vocals adds depth to the album, combining the timeless elements of jazz and soul with the spacey modernity of electronica. The opening track, ‘Ain’t No Way’, mixes saxophone riffs (from the original song of the same name) and is underlined with a beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a trap song. The second track on the EP, ‘Till U Come Back 2 Me’, opens with a classical sounding piano intro, but swiftly turns into a distorted and hazy piece. ‘Unforgettable’ also has a hazy feel, opening with a synth progression that would be well at home in a PC music single. Synth in the closing track, ‘Keep You’, has a distinctly Tame Impala feel to it, yet Butcher manages to make the track his own once again.

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Premiere: Dose Share New Demo ‘Bloom’

Just as the title would imply, ‘Bloom’ is a slowly transcending tapestry of cool ambient sounds and shoe-gaze staples that is as chilling as it is soothing. From the minds of Newcastle act Dose, the track is injected with an array of alluring instrumentals that span the entirety of its running time, leaving the firm impression that the band are potent and bursting with potential.

Liam Menzies

Communions – ‘Eternity’

‘Here we go again…’ and indeed we do, because unsurprisingly Communions’ newly unveiled track ‘Eternity’ is another stunner. It’s got that thing that those 80s bands like The Cure had – a perfect sense of shimmering aching love, just a dash of melancholy in an oddly life affirming tune. They’ve somehow mastered that sense of nostalgia, but fusing it with an incredibly 2016 production that makes it sound just so vast. It’s just layer upon layer of subtle references, from thrilling synths to rapid heart beat drumming and then to power pop guitars. Instant classic, just add a good pair of headphones. Continue reading “Communions – ‘Eternity’”

Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’

Whenever I’ve heard what Google tells me is the genre of “Jangle Pop”, I always like to imagine one of the characters of George Lucas’ seminal 1973 classic American Graffiti driving down the boulevard to ‘Sloop John B’. Fast forward 40 years or so and Sheffield’s Thee Mightees are on of the latest bands to keep it going with their second LP, titled Glimmer. Continue reading “Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’”

Ezra Furman Shares ‘Big Fugitive Life’ EP

Just a year following Perpetual Motion People, an album of playful rock n roll and charming energy, Ezra Furman proves that he doesn’t stop for long – between a dazzling Glastonbury set and a full UK tour, he will release new 6-track EP Big Fugitive Life on August 19. This EP, consisting of four tracks intended for inclusion on Perpetual Motion People, and two for Furman’s 2012 debut The Year of No Returning, suggests that Furman is teetering at the end of an era – on the brink of something entirely new – with this release. Continue reading “Ezra Furman Shares ‘Big Fugitive Life’ EP”

Connect with the Raw Emotion of Noname’s Masterful Debut ‘Telefone’

In the cacophony of online music; SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, the endless links and playlists, some voices hit a chord that after one listen can’t be forgotten. Chicago rapper/poet Noname (AKA Fatimah Warner) is one such voice- her gorgeous, heartfelt, tongue-twisting verse in Chance The Rapper’s ‘Lost‘ comes lurching out of the track like a pop up picture book, demanding to be paid attention to. Three years and several guest features later, finally comes her debut full length effort in the form of mixtape Telefone. Continue reading “Connect with the Raw Emotion of Noname’s Masterful Debut ‘Telefone’”

Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’

The recent trend of Simpsonwave managed to blend the nostalgic undertones of vaporwave music with the heart and melancholy of classic episodes of the longest running animated sitcom, resulting in what can only be described as one of the weirdest musical moments of 2016 so far. Continue reading “Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’”