Pizza For The People: Indie Banquet

October 15th sees a great coming together in the middle of Leeds. Created by the brilliantly named Pizza For The People group, the Indie Banquet at Duke Studios will bring through delicious food alongside some electric up-and-coming bands for a night of pure mayhem. Continue reading “Pizza For The People: Indie Banquet”


Sam Butcher – Aretha EP

Remixing one of the greats is never easy, but Sam Butcher, guitarist of Mirror Gorillas, proves that it is possible with his euphoric debut EP, Aretha. Although Mirror Gorillas are a band that fit firmly within the remits of the indie world, Sam goes against this, instead exploring he synthy trip-pop aspects of electronic music, and even drawing in elements of hip-hop. But this isn’t any old electronic bedroom EP; the use of Aretha Franklin’s vocals adds depth to the album, combining the timeless elements of jazz and soul with the spacey modernity of electronica. The opening track, ‘Ain’t No Way’, mixes saxophone riffs (from the original song of the same name) and is underlined with a beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a trap song. The second track on the EP, ‘Till U Come Back 2 Me’, opens with a classical sounding piano intro, but swiftly turns into a distorted and hazy piece. ‘Unforgettable’ also has a hazy feel, opening with a synth progression that would be well at home in a PC music single. Synth in the closing track, ‘Keep You’, has a distinctly Tame Impala feel to it, yet Butcher manages to make the track his own once again.

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Ralph Cola – Cosmic Joke

Aidan Leather aka Ralph Cola is an interesting one man project set to engineer idealistic and otherworldly sounds together to create a tantalising experience. From the opening of debut EP Cosmic Joke it’s clear that there is an influence in space and emptiness, with the simplistic melody from the intro unnerving just enough to toy with the listeners. The muffled speech sounds strained which is a hint that maybe this EP won’t be comfortable listening but more provocative. The songs are very bass heavy with their deep sounds leading the way. ‘Sundial’ is a burst of orange with a groovy tune and pace. The vocals are delicate and blow like a breeze across the song. Continue reading “Ralph Cola – Cosmic Joke”

Premiere: Vulgarians Share ‘Naturally Nothing’ Video

Coming off as a spiritual successor to the insane creations of Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin, destructive act Vulgarians have released an accompanying video for their track ‘Naturally Nothing’. With the same hazy filter that appeared on ‘Lost Sanity Smiles’, the video is just as monstrous and sinister as the song itself with intentional choppy editing that could give Suicide Squad a run for its money. Following the band’s interaction with a schizophrenic man, ‘Naturally Nothing’ gives off a Fight Club vibe that can’t be shook with violent and unsettling imagery before dipping its toes in B-Horror movie waters. All in all, the messy delight that is ‘Naturally Nothing’ has been perfectly partnered with this video. Continue reading “Premiere: Vulgarians Share ‘Naturally Nothing’ Video”

Rough Trade Release Heroes 1976-2016 (Volume 1), Marking Their 40th Anniversary

Today brings the release of Rough Trade’s comprehensive 40 track compilation, marking the 40 years in which the world renowned indie label and record shop have been creating, moulding, and selling the best alternative music over the decades. This compilation double CD is a set of Rough Trade’s favourite songs about other musicians, all of which were released in the 40 years since they first opened the front door in 1976, and features the likes of The Fall and Psychic TV, to Radiohead, to Daniel Johnson and Pavement, to Mogwai, Fat White Family, and Sun Kil Moon. 40 years, 40 heroes. Continue reading “Rough Trade Release Heroes 1976-2016 (Volume 1), Marking Their 40th Anniversary”

Communions – ‘Eternity’

‘Here we go again…’ and indeed we do, because unsurprisingly Communions’ newly unveiled track ‘Eternity’ is another stunner. It’s got that thing that those 80s bands like The Cure had – a perfect sense of shimmering aching love, just a dash of melancholy in an oddly life affirming tune. They’ve somehow mastered that sense of nostalgia, but fusing it with an incredibly 2016 production that makes it sound just so vast. It’s just layer upon layer of subtle references, from thrilling synths to rapid heart beat drumming and then to power pop guitars. Instant classic, just add a good pair of headphones. Continue reading “Communions – ‘Eternity’”

End of the Road Festival: Ones to Watch

Despite celebrating its 10th anniversary last year and winning NMEs ‘Best Small Festival 2016’, End of the Road remains a bit of a hidden gem. Musically, the line up usually consists of a lot of folk and psych, and smidgen of world. But what really makes it something special is it’s ongoing efforts to champion creating unique moments, from special guests, secret sets and stages, and wonderful art and experiences hidden throughout its fields and woods. Top tips for anyone heading would be to bring a wooly jumper and blanket, as the weekend always seems to be just that bit chillier than other festival weekend. And of course, a pair of open ears…

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Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’

Whenever I’ve heard what Google tells me is the genre of “Jangle Pop”, I always like to imagine one of the characters of George Lucas’ seminal 1973 classic American Graffiti driving down the boulevard to ‘Sloop John B’. Fast forward 40 years or so and Sheffield’s Thee Mightees are on of the latest bands to keep it going with their second LP, titled Glimmer. Continue reading “Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’”

GILLBANKS: “I’m Still Pummelling Away”

Sam Gillbanks is a Peckham based musician who simply goes about under his surname “GILLBANKS”. He immediately caught my eye when I saw him play at the Roundhouse Rising Festival back in March. Backed by his band, an abundance of grungy energy circulated the stage. I caught up with him, in his bedroom.

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