Lance Bangs – Lance Mountain

The idea of naming your musical outfit after an American filmmaker and director famed for his collaborations on projects like Jackass, Loiter Squad and a huge list of music videos and tours will continue to be music to my ears.
So just who are Lance Bangs? 

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Communions – ‘Eternity’

‘Here we go again…’ and indeed we do, because unsurprisingly Communions’ newly unveiled track ‘Eternity’ is another stunner. It’s got that thing that those 80s bands like The Cure had – a perfect sense of shimmering aching love, just a dash of melancholy in an oddly life affirming tune. They’ve somehow mastered that sense of nostalgia, but fusing it with an incredibly 2016 production that makes it sound just so vast. It’s just layer upon layer of subtle references, from thrilling synths to rapid heart beat drumming and then to power pop guitars. Instant classic, just add a good pair of headphones. Continue reading “Communions – ‘Eternity’”

Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’

Whenever I’ve heard what Google tells me is the genre of “Jangle Pop”, I always like to imagine one of the characters of George Lucas’ seminal 1973 classic American Graffiti driving down the boulevard to ‘Sloop John B’. Fast forward 40 years or so and Sheffield’s Thee Mightees are on of the latest bands to keep it going with their second LP, titled Glimmer. Continue reading “Premiere: Thee Mightees – ‘Glimmer’”

Reading and Leeds Festival: Ones to Watch

From the highest points of Reading and Leeds, the looming framework of the festival stages are finally starting to take shape. Campsites are being prepped and gallons of overpriced warm, stale beer are being rolled into grotty bars. First aiders and poor downtrodden volunteers are armed with their plasters, scissors and water in preparation for drunken stupidity and the inevitable taping of a young male to a telephone pole. If you’ve ever been to Reading or Leeds, you know that the prodigious atmospheric buzz is enough to elastically spring you back into coming year after year. Here’s who were most excited to see this year…

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Green Man Festival: Ones to Watch

Never has a festival felt more like a microcosm of brilliant music and serene settings – Green Man Festival, based in the valleys amidst the mountains of the beautiful Brecon Beacons, is like a secret garden of passageways and mazes of trees between each stage, that invites you to get lost in the warm atmosphere. Before we make the long trip to this angelic neverland, we can only wish for sunshine, and invite you to read our favourites for the weekend. Alongside the likes of James Blake, Belle & Sebastian and Wild Beasts, the array of woodland stages this year host a line up like nothing else, with some of the best acts of the past years gracing Wales with their wonders.

Oh Peas!

Since the wonderful 2014 release of Shades Of Intolerance, Oh Peas! have been stringing us along with an array of releases, and Rosie Smith has been across the country playing alternative sad-pop songs to many an excited crowd. With odd-but-brilliantly-witty lyrics, layers of rosy punk guitars and plenty of wacky ideas, Oh Peas! will put on a captivating show on the Rising Stage.

Cate Le Bon


Cate Le Bon is no stranger to Green Man Festival, nor to Wales at all, but her intriguing sound, distinctive vocals, and the wonders of this year’s Crab LP, all make for a brilliant show. With joyful pop songs filled with intertwines of trashy guitars and sticky rhythms, Cate Le Bon’s diverse back catalogue is played with a glittering energy that can’t be matched.

Ezra Furman


Hot on the back of the release of his new EP Big Fugitive Life, Ezra Furman is known for his intense and brilliant live performance, that will surely be lifted further with his latest music. With self asserted rock’n’roll-pop songs galore, and hints of garage rock in between, Ezra Furman & The Boyfriend’s compelling nature will put on a show that shouldn’t be missed.

BC Camplight

The cool and lingering vocals of Brian Christinzio will this year drift across the Walled Garden, and on the back of his 2015 psych pop gem How To Die In the North, BC Camplight merges fun songwriting with eccentric melodies and a hint of neo-psych.

Julia Holter


Following her rise in fame following the beauty and wonder of her 2015 album Have You In My Wilderness, filled from beginning to end with haunting lyrics, complex orchestral arrangements, and cool vocals, Julia Holter returns to Green Man after playing in 2013. Her eerie-yet-compelling sound, is sure to silence crowds and make for an incredible performance on the Sunday afternoon.

You can listen to Spillers Records’ playlist below.

Tune into Fresh Juice’s Green Man Special tonight at 7pm to hear all our picks.

Olive Richardson

Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’

The recent trend of Simpsonwave managed to blend the nostalgic undertones of vaporwave music with the heart and melancholy of classic episodes of the longest running animated sitcom, resulting in what can only be described as one of the weirdest musical moments of 2016 so far. Continue reading “Premiere: Eric Sings Shares Simpsons-Themed Video for ‘Glitch’”

The Big Moon – “Silent Movie Susie”

Jolting up a voltaic fizz at their recent live shows; garage quartet The Big Moon have finally released their new single Silent Movie Susie in all of its boisterous glory. Oscillating in pop punk murmurs, Silent Movie Susie is The Big Moon’s most intricately sophisticated work to date. It’s catchy, frothing with zeal and mirrors the 90’s estrogen powerhouse that is Elastica. The single is due for vinyl release on the 25th September, but it is available for general download right now. Continue reading “The Big Moon – “Silent Movie Susie””

Ones to Watch: Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

It’s that time of year again when music enthusiasts alike start feeling sincerely sorry for themselves – festival season. Spanish paradisaical festival Benicàssim is speedily approaching this week, and is certainly no exception to the unwavering slump of people who cannot go. Spawning an assortment of genres and palates this year, the festival, as always has snagged some of the finest musicians around.

So whether you’ll be perspiring like a pig in 30°C heat watching (or unfortunately watching the acts on BBC iPlayer) here’s who we’re most looking forward to seeing this year…
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