Pizza For The People: Indie Banquet

October 15th sees a great coming together in the middle of Leeds. Created by the brilliantly named Pizza For The People group, the Indie Banquet at Duke Studios will bring through delicious food alongside some electric up-and-coming bands for a night of pure mayhem.

Music on the night comes from:

TRASH – A brilliant pack of four playing jaunty guitar music with an early Maccabees-like indieness. Listen to: Urban Glow.

La Bête Blooms – Poster group for new British post-punk? Possibly. Listen to: All For You.

Night Owls – Leeds’ own two-piece letting loose between something dark and monstrous. Listen to: Glided Lily.

Cactus Knife – Fun and frenetic. Contain your excitement if you’re a fan of psychedelic riffs in an intimate setting. Listen to: Broken Row Boat.

Mush – With a delightful simplicity, it’s as equally harsh and brazen on your ears. Listen to: Material Servant.

What’s Your Beef and Mio Pizza bring along pop-ups on the night for a great selection of food and tickets for the show are available from for only £9.

Callum Sheppard


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