Sam Butcher – Aretha EP

Remixing one of the greats is never easy, but Sam Butcher, guitarist of Mirror Gorillas, proves that it is possible with his euphoric debut EP, Aretha. Although Mirror Gorillas are a band that fit firmly within the remits of the indie world, Sam goes against this, instead exploring he synthy trip-pop aspects of electronic music, and even drawing in elements of hip-hop. But this isn’t any old electronic bedroom EP; the use of Aretha Franklin’s vocals adds depth to the album, combining the timeless elements of jazz and soul with the spacey modernity of electronica. The opening track, ‘Ain’t No Way’, mixes saxophone riffs (from the original song of the same name) and is underlined with a beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a trap song. The second track on the EP, ‘Till U Come Back 2 Me’, opens with a classical sounding piano intro, but swiftly turns into a distorted and hazy piece. ‘Unforgettable’ also has a hazy feel, opening with a synth progression that would be well at home in a PC music single. Synth in the closing track, ‘Keep You’, has a distinctly Tame Impala feel to it, yet Butcher manages to make the track his own once again.

Check out ‘Do What U Gotta Do’. a beat heavy track that samples Nina Simone’s ‘Do What You Gotta Do’, which can be found on Sam Butcher’s SoundCloud.
Gabriel Leavey

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