Ralph Cola – Cosmic Joke

Aidan Leather aka Ralph Cola is an interesting one man project set to engineer idealistic and otherworldly sounds together to create a tantalising experience. From the opening of debut EP Cosmic Joke it’s clear that there is an influence in space and emptiness, with the simplistic melody from the intro unnerving just enough to toy with the listeners. The muffled speech sounds strained which is a hint that maybe this EP won’t be comfortable listening but more provocative. The songs are very bass heavy with their deep sounds leading the way. ‘Sundial’ is a burst of orange with a groovy tune and pace. The vocals are delicate and blow like a breeze across the song.

On first impressions the project draws fairly proportional comparison to Django Django: with Leather embracing the desert rock sound and the space like theme, however the energetic basslines give it a much more uplifting vibe. ‘Floating’ slows this down slightly, creating a more thoughtful track that drifts off, the song seems so delicate with more high-pitched melodies ringing around the song. ‘Abide’ returns to the groovy vibe set up from ‘Sundial’. There’s really impactful, precise notes that give this song a relaxed sound while also being refreshing. The drumming in this with the rising scale of the melodies builds apprehension to a drop which doesn’t throw you down but just releases gently.

‘All You’ is much deeper and mellow and strolls into a whaling chorus of an effect heavy guitar, which adds to the cosmic feel of the collective EP. ‘Command’ is a little track which removes the conventional drum beats and replaces it with synth sounds. The whole track feels more synthetic as a result and more mechanical with beats and sounds popping all around. ‘Command’ is an abnormality however in this EP and the following tracks continue in the previous vain with repetitive yet captivating bass rhythms and delicate melodies infused with a fast paced beat.

‘Fadeaway’ is the final track on a swollen EP and it sounds much more melancholy with more aggressive chords as well as a lyric lead tune which makes the words more understood. What Leather has to say is fairly poetic and self-questioning, which really makes you want to go back to the other tracks and listen out for the words to see what Ralph Cola truly has to say. The final song is an epic finale to a solid EP which is fun in parts, thoughtful in other but consistently endearing.

Domenic Edwards


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