Premiere: Vulgarians Share ‘Naturally Nothing’ Video

Coming off as a spiritual successor to the insane creations of Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin, destructive act Vulgarians have released an accompanying video for their track ‘Naturally Nothing’. With the same hazy filter that appeared on ‘Lost Sanity Smiles’, the video is just as monstrous and sinister as the song itself with intentional choppy editing that could give Suicide Squad a run for its money. Following the band’s interaction with a schizophrenic man, ‘Naturally Nothing’ gives off a Fight Club vibe that can’t be shook with violent and unsettling imagery before dipping its toes in B-Horror movie waters. All in all, the messy delight that is ‘Naturally Nothing’ has been perfectly partnered with this video.

Vulgarians join Weirds on a string of tour dates across the UK – see the full list of tour dates below:


16 The Cookie, Leicester

18 Fallow Cafe, Manchester

19 The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

21 Start The Bus, Bristol

22 Shacklewell Arms, London

23 Headrow House, Leeds

Liam Menzies


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