End of the Road Festival: Ones to Watch

Despite celebrating its 10th anniversary last year and winning NMEs ‘Best Small Festival 2016’, End of the Road remains a bit of a hidden gem. Musically, the line up usually consists of a lot of folk and psych, and smidgen of world. But what really makes it something special is it’s ongoing efforts to champion creating unique moments, from special guests, secret sets and stages, and wonderful art and experiences hidden throughout its fields and woods. Top tips for anyone heading would be to bring a wooly jumper and blanket, as the weekend always seems to be just that bit chillier than other festival weekend. And of course, a pair of open ears…

Bat For Lashes



It’s been one incredible year for Bat For Lashes, with an incredible, ‘critically acclaimed’ album under her belt, her headline set at this years End of the Road Festival promises to be a triumphant performance. We’re hoping that it’s true to the concept of The Bride, with stunning visuals as well as music.

Photo: Emma Swann

This masked band are always up there as ‘ones to watch’ if featuring on a festival line up. With crazy dancing, tribal chanting, seeing this band live is always a psychedelic treat. Even if you aren’t familiar with their music, it’s hard not to be impressed by their live presence. 

Photo: Emma Swann

I mean, who doesn’t dream of having Jehnny Beth split on them at a festival?

Omar Souleyman


Just who is this Omar Souleyman, we here you ask? Okay so you might think that we’ve totally lost it, but bare with us on this one. He’s a Syrian wedding singer, blasting out some wacky synth dance bangers, mostly with just two people on stage to create these totally good time vibes. He’s gained a bit of a cult reputation, selling out London’s KOKO just a couple of months ago. If you fancy a dance, you should be heading over to catch this act.

King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard


King Gizzard are rather infamous for their rather insane and wacky live shows. They’ve build up a bit of a cult reputation off this madness (two drum kits?!), and seeing them at a festival is a good chance to catch them as normally their shows in the cities sell out super fast.

Frankie Cosmos
Photo: Matthew James-Wilson

Frankie Cosmos is probably the most subdued performer on this list, but don’t let that fool you. This band’s quirky awkwardness is awfully charming, and features songs about dogs and dance routines. What else do you want?


unnamed (4)

Straight off the back of a rollicking tour, Fortuna POP! (R.I.P.) darlings Martha have proven that they are a band to get messy in the pit with. With witty lyrics, and riotous guitars, you’ll be hard picked to find a more fun to warm up with on Saturday.

Various Secret Sets

End of the Road’s best kept secret is the several small stages located throughout the site – mostly in the woods. If you get lost you’re sure to stumble across someone incredible doing an acoustic set to about 20 people. Keep your ears open, and hopefully you’ll manage to find something special happening.

Poppy Waring  


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