Reading and Leeds Festival: Ones to Watch

From the highest points of Reading and Leeds, the looming framework of the festival stages are finally starting to take shape. Campsites are being prepped and gallons of overpriced warm, stale beer are being rolled into grotty bars. First aiders and poor downtrodden volunteers are armed with their plasters, scissors and water in preparation for drunken stupidity and the inevitable taping of a young male to a telephone pole. If you’ve ever been to Reading or Leeds, you know that the prodigious atmospheric buzz is enough to elastically spring you back into coming year after year. Here’s who were most excited to see this year…

Red Hot Chili Peppers


This year will see the long awaited live return of Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s been much anticipated over the past couple of years, so prepare for the everlasting buoyancy of Anthony Keidis and crew to come bolting back. Veterans of the worldwide festival scene and general funky mellow beats, Red Hot Chili Peppers recently revealed that Reading & Leeds really was their only choice for their colossal come back.



Also joining them on the Main Stage after kicking off a tour at the Wembley SSE Arena this year, Foals have finally earned their rightful place at top of the Reading & Leeds food chain. Headlining the Main Stage, the Oxford art rockers are sure to bring sedating vibes and skin-tingling celestial chimes.



Meanwhile over on the BCC Radio 1 Stage, just when Great Britain was starting to lose its anarchy punk lineage, Slaves surfaced a few years ago. The duo have been working hard to fuse punk rock roots with 21st century woes. Skinhead moshing and general hell raising will be an obligation at Slaves’ petulant set this year.



Likewise bringing their unique metallic chaos to the BBC Radio 1 Stage this year, INHEAVEN will be making their R&L debut. Sure to be wearing some form of spangled 70s-esque flares, the trio have gone from strength to strength over the past couple of months. Incarcerating that seamless nostalgic 90s vibe in their grasp, INHEAVEN will certainly capture the wavy minds of everyone in their vicinity this year.


Tickets for Reading are currently sold out but tickets for Leeds are still available.

Lauren Shute


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