TOY Announce New Album ‘Clear Shot’

Joining the dots TOY have finally gotten around to providing a follow up to 2013’s record with their 10 track, acid-pop montage Clear Shot.

Due for general release this Autumn it starts life with Fast Silver, a hauntingly dark affair that twists and turns at a medial tempo throughout. The array of vivid keyboard samples carry enough gusto to rise above the haze of vocalist Tom Dougall’s ghoulish groans as they spiral out of control, entangled and twisted with grungy-guitar lead lines and quivering percussion. It is indeed a homage to the grunge movement of old, with that laid back, no fucks given approach. It’s a real charmer. Hoping that this change of ethos is a sign of things to come, Clear Shot promises to be a real trip of a grunge record. One for the purists, I get the real sense that this album was laid down in one take fuelled by insomnia and the fumes of stale beer and smoke.

Clear Shot out on 28th October via Heavenly Recordings – track listing below:

  1. Clear Shot
  2. Another Dimension
  3. Fast Silver
  4. I’m Still Believing
  5. Clouds That Cover The Sun
  6. Jungle Games
  7. Dream Orchestrator
  8. We Will Disperse
  9. Spirits Don’t Lie
  10. Cinema

James Hunter


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