The Wytches Share New Single “C-side”

After the success of their debut album, Annabel Dream Reader, in August 2014, The Wytches have announced new album, All Your Happy Life, to be released 30th September 2016, and hence have dropped the single C-Side.

The new single is certainly reminiscent of their famously sinister and dark sound, featuring their notorious heavy bass lines, maximum distortion and simple yet uncompromising guitar lines. However, despite Kristian Bell’s voice continuing to be as distinctive as previously, there seems to be a more matured and developed vocal line, evoking a sound similar to that of 90s-era Smashing Pumpkins particularly in the verse; unfeigned and breathy, demonstrating Bell’s vocal range further than the previous record, perfectly coupled with a distinctive and sharp yet fluid guitar line.

The Wytches’ definitive bleak sense of nostalgia has not faded, the dissonance and emotive vocals never letting go from their sound, but their music truly seems to have bloomed into a more complex and original sound.


Sophie Foster

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