Communions – “Don’t Hold Anything Back”

A gloriously summery piece indie-pop track, Don’t Hold Anything Back is a bit of a kaleidoscopic record. Just when you think you’ve sussed where the track is heading it surprises you. It’s an instant indie-hit, just made for the radio or teens to dance to in the mud at a festival.

“You gotta tell me you’re mine” comes out with a twang that makes it see so heart-felt and desperate. Accompanied by purely sugary clean guitars, it’s pretty impossible to not fall in love with this perfect piece of pop writing. Whilst it would be easy to say that they aren’t straying to far from other bands of the same genre (it would be easy to say it was a little bit like ‘Lovesick’ by Peace), but there’s something so honest about the delivery that this would probably be a disservice.

It’s starting to seem like some of the best music of 2016 is coming out of Copenhagen. Perhaps it’s time to up sticks and relocate there and catch it as it happens…

Don’t Hold Back is the lead track from Communions’ new 7″, out on Fat Possum 16 September.


Poppy Waring


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