Alcohol, Lust and Shitty Nightclubs: Hunck – “All Dressed Up”

All Dressed Up is the new single from Hunck, a ‘sob-rock’ quintet of Frank Sinatra fans from Tottenham and a Google search one letter away from a gallery of greasy muscled men.  It opens with a surge of electric melody which seamlessly morphs into meowing guitar. The song tells a tale of the frustration of being stood up by a girl, a whirlwind romance, two thirds alcohol, one third lust, shattered in the light of a shitty nightclub disco-ball.

The heavily sarcastic lyrics and self deprecating comments “It’s half past midnight and I’m drinking wine,  I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go”, are ironic in its lighthearted poppy and upbeat tune. The very Strokes-esque bridge whips heavy twinkly synths and spiralling clean-cut guitar- a short but sweet lingering moment in the track.

All Dressed Up is a definite hit, more on the Spotify side than Bandcamp. Its glamorous and sticky melody is hard to get out your head. The band began with a dreamy Frank Sinatra cover of ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’ in 2014 to releasing their debut EP Never Had a Dream in January of this year. Hunck have already played the likes of Reading & Leeds and Green Man Festival and along with the new instalment comes a headline show in London this month with support acts Lupo and Physic Markers as well as an appearance at Southsea Fest.


Review: Poppy Allen

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