Chest Pains – “Blood Pumping”

Despite the relative difficulty in finding Chest Pains’ new track Blood Pumping amidst heart attack advice on Google, it is definitely worth the resolution – Blood Pumping is a stark, heavy, screeching track that although lasts just over 2 minutes, hits you as hard as a heart attack could. A follow-up to last November’s EP Beach Beauties, this track is one that cements Chest Pains’ recognisably scratchy garage sound complemented by their raucous live show, and introduces their upcoming EP Bath Bandits.

Whether or not the band made this connection, the track jolts and jitters through its repetitive verses of whining riffs and the fuzzed up vocals of Sam Robinson that echo the hoarseness of being out of breath, amidst the pounding drums that resemble the heavy rhythm of a heart beating out of the chest. As “please don’t leave me” is snarled with reverberations of harsh harmonies, the sense of desperation and fear pushes the song through towards its end with force.

However, it is the songs catchiness that really sticks in your mind – a merging of harsh desperation and lyrics “you’re the blood through my heart, I never want us to be apart” creates a sense of dependence that is only heightened in the band’s scuzzy sound. As the song is pulled into a sickly sweet guitar solo, that without the jittering repetition of drums would sound entirely out of place, the convergence of these two contrasting sounds highlights the highs and lows of dependence – creating a sound that is overall unnatural, but addictive in leaving you waiting for more.


Review: Olive Richardson

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