Greetings From Echo Beach

On their latest release Greetings From Echo Beach, the eponymously named Liverpudlians manage to capture the same chill aesthetic that indie acts like The Drums have made their name on and mix it masterfully with a “surfgaze” sound that screams “Perfect Summer Soundtrack” material.

Tomorrow manages to encapsulate this most as in typical shoegaze fashion, the lyrics are intentionally drowned out with some delightfully shimmering guitars and when accompanied with some suitably high tempo drums, everything merges together to create this rich, sunshine drenched tapestry of sounds.

Even when the EP decides to turn things down a notch like on Transmission, the few instrumentals on display are enough to carry the song along which is enough to prove that Echo Beach, smothered in feedback or not, are capable of getting the fragile music chemistry right.

Greetings From Echo Beach is out now on Hail Hail Records.


Review: Liam Menzies


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