Skegss Release New EP “Everyone Is Good At Something”

Lovers of narcotics and three chord thrashes though they are, Australian surf punks Skegss’ second release with Ratbag Records (home of aptly verminous Dune Rats and Rat Boy) Everyone Is Good At Something is as full of innocent optimism as its title. Slayer delivers the most mindless 3 minutes of the 7-track EP from the outset- goofy garage rock that ticks off the cheesy rock cliches of counting a 1-2-3 into the track and spelling out the title of the song before lamenting how “Fucking tasty” space cakes are.

Mustang utilises Skegss’ talent for nostalgia with its summery road trip vibes; the laid back Strokes-y garage guitar sound and anthemic chorus marking it out as a cut above the rest of the EP. Considering their trademark slacked out vocals and punk ethos this track is surprisingly motivational, the order to “Go out and do whatever you wanna / Don’t just sit there and chat to the world that you’re gonna” carrying a message that pervades through to My Face. Albeit with a more morose tone in the latter. New York California is a deceptively simple song, the deep hum of bass provides a backdrop for the two lines that are the track’s entire lyrics, repeated increasingly desperately, straining and cracking as the chorus breaks. Heavily distorted non-entity Van Halen lets the record down slightly, however it’s followed by the gently optimistic, touching Stranger.

Skegss wrap things up with Wake The Fuck Up- hedonistic FIDLAR-esque narcotic rock but balanced by a pretty guitar melody and with none of FIDLAR’s misanthropic angst; essentially Skegss are a band that seem pretty loved up with the world and just need their space to figure things out. A fitting close to an infinitely likeable EP.

Eve Brady

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