Premiere: Healthy Eating Records – Yorkshire Puddings Compilation Tape Vol. 1

Leeds based Healthy Eating Records today drop their first release, the Yorkshire Puddings Compilation Tape Vol. 1, with tracks from surf pop three-piece The Orielles, indie pop charmers Deadwall, and the 90’s grunge four-piece Exit Earth. All tracks also come, obviously, from Yorkshire based bands and musicians, reflecting on the DIY music scene in all its variety and glory.

Opener Cigs & Sarnies from Leeds’ Chest Pains sets the tone for the compilation –the thrashy garage pop song oozing in piercing guitar tones and an I-don’t-care attitude almost rushes to its end, and eagerly introduces this selection of 2016’s best releases. After the breezy chords of The Orielles’ Joey Says We Got It, with its glimmering chorus and catchy guitars lingering with Esme’s cool vocals, comes the heavy basslines and forcing vocal style of Irish Boxing, providing a stark contrast, and the warmth of The 234’s Hold On, a gleaming long song –complete with twinkling guitars, harmonies, and harmonica solos– that reminds that this compilation exceeds catering just one niche of music.

Highlights of the compilation include Possum’s Fallin’, a song of crashing vocals, wining melodies and a hard sense of longing, and Party Hardly’s Home, lovingly reminiscent of The Velvet Underground & Nico with dreamy layers of guitars amidst breezy vocals. Alongside Deadhall’s jangle pop Daffolion, merging swirling synths with bopping tambourines and a lively sense of liberation, Joe Platt & The Peacekeepers and their tender Sweet Sweet Orit, a short-but-sweet soliloquy of whispered heartache, lifts the compilation towards its end.

Before that, though, the chorus-fuelled energy of Stanford’s Nature’s Calling, with sombre vocals and fuzzy rhythm guitars, reverberates with urgency as the song picks up speed; and eventually drops into Leeds’ shoegazers Waterfall with Invisible (Am I?). The pounding of the foamy guitars dives between the glittering acoustic sections with ease, and in its force then equals Brooders’ Black & White with its raw and incredibly raging guitars and drum solos.

You can buy the limited cassette release here.

You can catch many of the compilation bands tonight at the Healthy Eating Records Launch Night, with The Orielles / Chest Pains / Deadwall / Brooders / Waterfall.


Review: Olive Richardson

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