Premiere: Cloud Cover Shares New Single “Cannibalism”

Despite the abstract and esoteric smokescreen of this offbeat instalment, Cloud Cover (aka Jenny Tuite) has crammed her next release Cannibalism with enough cross genres and experimentation to fill an entire LP and some.

Blending her genres like acrylic paints on a palette the Brooklyn-based artist’s haphazard approach sees her switch between analogue tape flickers and dream weaving guitar layers with attentive ease throughout. Tuite cavorts through the track with her vaporous falsetto, laying a path of colourful accents over her synthetic musical landscape. 

This smoke and mirrors approach helps the track to switch between genres seamlessly, with peaks and troughs of post-rock and chillwave the track has been packed with enough ideas to make for an instantly accessible and dream-like encounter. Jenny’s ability to filter down her songwriting penchant from various other side projects has definitely aided her in concocting this potent acid trip. 

Ultimately her voyage through the lo-fi dreamscape is only at its inception phase, however her ability to throw herself head first into a world of trial and error will certainly lead her on the path to greatness, I’m sure of that.

Cloud Cover’s debut full length LP “Mirror Me” is out 23 September on Disposable America.


Review: Jimmy Hunter

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