Ones to Watch: Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

It’s that time of year again when music enthusiasts alike start feeling sincerely sorry for themselves – festival season. Spanish paradisaical festival Benicàssim is speedily approaching this week, and is certainly no exception to the unwavering slump of people who cannot go. Spawning an assortment of genres and palates this year, the festival, as always has snagged some of the finest musicians around.

So whether you’ll be perspiring like a pig in 30°C heat watching (or unfortunately watching the acts on BBC iPlayer) here’s who we’re most looking forward to seeing this year…



Madrid natives Hinds have ruled the Spanish music scene this year, with their transcendent pop and slinky hypnotic tunes. They’ve already been patented the hottest budding act by several publications with their debut album released just this year. Expect Mediterranean surf riffs to meet lo-fi garage fuzz at their set on Friday.

The Vaccines


When the preteen The Vaccines popped up in 2010, the world had no idea that the quartet would become the eventual core of summer festivals. Now into their sixth year as a band, it’s not The Vaccines first time branching out to a European festival, bringing with them their vigorous flash of indie-rock. Expect a haze of shaggy hair, hormone-raging indie and cheesy lyrics.



Acquiring one of the biggest rock bands in the cosmos at the moment, Benicàssim have really outdone themselves this year by securing Muse. Casting up prodigal spacey live shows full of lasers and sonically pleasing progressive rock, Muse are not an act to miss at Benicàssim this year. Expect outlandish outfits, senseless guitar solos and melodramatic injuries.



California garage rockers FIDLAR will be performing their first EVER Spanish show at Benicàssim this year. A band prominent for confessing their love of cheap beer and everything else hallucinogenic – the quartet bring along a multi-layered vibe of 1990’s punk rock in its rawest form. Expect flying alcohol and to be trodden on – a lot.


Check out the full lineup here.


Review: Lauren Shute

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