ShitKid Shares Self-Titled EP

When the name ShitKid crops up in conversation, you’d assume that the person behind such a project was your everyday unfiltered rock star getting his own solo project underway in typical fashion. So when you eventually find out that said project is ran by former introvert Åsa Söderqvist, it’s a bit of surprise due to how your brain typically associates this vulgarity. It seems like it may be the intention as well as Åsa has been very vocal about certain aspects of her personal life, especially in regards to her discovery of feminism that happened to fall around the time of the demise of her first band after their move to Gothenburg, Sweden, where she is currently based.

ShitKid has dropped the full and expanded version of her self-titled EP which manages to infuse what fuels her own feminist punk band while also giving some introspective on the woman herself. This rings most true on tracks such as 666 which, after opening up with some fitting evil cackles, spares no in time in telling about what problems Åsa faced due to her shy nature. Her struggle with timidity as well as blackouts that she’d suffer during performances is what led her into partying and boys non-stop which, in turn, comes full circle as these moments in her life definitely have an impact on this EP both instrumentally, you can make out the sheer anger and frustration in these lo-fi drenched tunes, as well as lyrically.

Starting and ending on two relatively calm tracks, fittingly titled Poop 1 and Poop 2, ShitKid feels like a cohesive release, sandwiching its angst and frustration perfectly and encompassing the struggles of being both an introvert as well as an extrovert. This inclusiveness makes ShitKid such a warm welcome to newcomers and with Åsa currently in the studio crafting her upcoming debut LP for a winter release, it won’t be long till we get another taste.


  1. Poop 1
  2. 666
  3. Hillside
  4. RnR Sally
  5. Poobrain
  6. Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid
  7. Whyte
  8. Poop 2


Review: Liam Menzies

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