Vulgarians Release Debut EP Ahead of UK Tour

This Debut EP by Hull’s Vulgarians is one smeared with dread and genuine angst. In a nutshell this heavy punk band thrive off sinister riffs and implement spooky techniques to give an edge to the overly underappreciated genre of this band. The stuff is pretty bleak and like a lot of other youthful artists have that social anger projected through it via the at times breathless screeches of the vocalist.

Life’s Successful Death opens with Scratch Palms, and from the start has an electric pace hammered through it from the pretty intense drumming. The track is full to the brim but unlike a lot of stuff similar to this the flurry of noise isn’t overbearing and seems justified in conjunction with the crazed sounding lyrics barking “You’re just a million miles away.” It’s dripping with dread and longing.

There is also serious attempts of poetic language throughout the whole record as well, however through the chaos some potentially special lines might get lost and taken away with the deep guitar. Lost Sanity Smiles seems more grand, more impacting. The vocals feel like a speech steaming from the frantic flow of consciousness. This song has an evil baseline that bursts into providence as the song jumps between slower rests and full out crazy choruses. It gives the impression that the song is breathing – and that’s a very key thing about this. The music is alive.

The title track Life’s Successful Death has an eerie sense of sorrow within it and its opening melody is a provoking one with a vicious bite. It’s the strongest of the EP where all the components work well together.

With this band it’s important to know what you like. Being a heavier punk band, they stick to heavier punk tropes and if that doesn’t appeal then this band isn’t for you. It’s challenging music for sure but that seems to be the point of a band like this, it seems like an outlet of emotions and that’s something that is needed in a society that’s showing its cracks.


1 Scratch Palms

2 Lost Sanity Smiles

3 Life’s Successful Death

4 Naturally Nothing

Gig wise it’s obvious how this band will play out. It’s perfect for a cramped, hot venue, preferably underground, with dusty lights frantically flashing to a buzzed audience with a lot of movement. It’s perfect for a frustration dump and they’ve got all the components to make a hard hitting yet special night.

Vulgarians have a headline show alongside Scarlet Rascal and The Plainviews on July 13 at Start The Bus, Bristol, presented by Gravy Train. Get your tickets on


13 Start The Bus, Bristol 

14 Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham

15 New Cross Inn, London

16 Lock Tavern, London

17 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

18 Craudford Arms, Milton Keynes

22 The Ferret, Preston

24 Tramlines Festival, Sheffield


6 Humber Street Sesh, Hull


Review: Domenic Edwards

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