Premiere: Van Zeller Share New Single “Hold Me Back”

Van Zeller the safest garage band in Bristol today, have already conquered the South West and are now preparing to take on the rest of the UK with their so called “High-Octane Garage Rock ‘n’ Roll”. After the hotly tipped success of their debut track She’s Moving Right they now share with us their latest instalment. Hold Me Back.

Van Zeller could literally do anything right now, they could open up a vintage shop in Camden, they could release an album full of Beach Boys covers, heck they could just all pack it in now move to the Cotswolds and take up basket weaving. Really, they could do whatever takes their fancy. This gun-ho, go-where-the-wind-takes-you philosophy is amplified in their musicianship; carefree, these dudes from the High Country are brewing up the most taut and ferocious garage-rock concoction imaginable and finally, we can take that long awaited swig.  

As far as I’m concerned any track that makes you want to air guitar with some hoppy number firmly in your clutches is fine with me. A wave machine in your pint glass and a beer stained tee is the by-product of this catalytic Rock ‘n’ Roll so get used to it. Hold Me Back retains all of that rampant guitar-driven vibrancy that She’s Moving Right has, and some. 

A song about angsty love fuelled emotions, the cries of “Hold me back from the love I never had” resonates repetitively throughout the track, like banging a nail in a wall only this time using your head. Lovestruck, the track is a real rollercoaster ride from start to finish, sure it will leave you feeling dizzy and maybe even a little concussed however one thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely wait in line for another ride on that snare.


Review: Jimmy Hunter


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