Ezra Furman – “Teddy I’m Ready”

Just a year following Perpetual Motion People, an album of playful rock n roll and charming energy, Ezra Furman proves that he doesn’t stop for long – between a dazzling Glastonbury set and a full UK tour, he will release new 6-track EP Big Fugitive Life on August 19. From this EP comes the opening single Teddy I’m Ready, a song apparently reflecting on “wanting to go somewhere you’ve never been, knowing you’re on your way”, and through this suggests that Furman is teetering on the brink of something entirely new with this record.

The song itself, although essentially loving in sentiment, with warm guitar strums and lifting harmonies throughout, features the sharp kick that lifts many of Furman’s other tracks; and builds towards a crashing chorus of “Teddy, I’m ready to rock n roll” crooned over the boy-friends bopping drums and swooning sax. In a way both wistful and ecstatic, the agitated sentiment of “there’s no where that I can run to, I feel so sick and shy” almost becomes a recollection of the nostalgic decade that brought rock n roll at its height.

In Furman reminiscing to 1957’s Ready Teddy, there is a sense of a pinnacle being reached, and as the song pushes to it’s end with an enthusiasm that could get anyone up to dance, a space is created for the “new chapter” that Furman plans to begin following the release of Big Fugitive Life.

It is equally essential to note Furman’s dedication of the record: alongside track The Refugee, towards “refugees of all kinds, all over the world” – “May all the wanderers find the homes they seek, and may those with power welcome them as fellow citizens of humanity.”


1 Teddy I’m Ready

2 Halley’s Comet

3 Little Piece Of Trash

4 Penetrate

5 Splash Of Light

6 The Refugee


Review: Olive Richardson

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