Surfing out of sunny Melbourne, TERRY are set to release their upcoming album TERRY HQ on 1 July through Upset The Rhythm. A super-group of sorts, members of the band have previously played with a resplendent list of artists such as; Dick Driver, UV Race and Total Control. Already having released two 7″ electric singles much to critical acclaim, they’ve united their savvy talents and backgrounds to produce this boisterous album.

In April, TERRY released the first track from their upcoming album – the cacophonous Don’t Say Sorry. Stereogum described it as; ‘A nervy throwback to that late -70’s era when punk began to mutate in countless directions, matching deadpan vocals with an incessant chord progression and piling up on the sonic chaos.’ – and they weren’t wrong. This tune is a lapse into eerily winding post-punk that slowly spins you into a spiral of venom and psyche. Shivering lyrics lay a foundation of acidic rock, complete with Aussie-tipped vocals; ‘Why would you say sorry for that?‘ TERRY are brute with rhetoric and stay true to the classic anarchy roots of the punk rock movement.

Unusually, TERRY are a group made up of couples. Fortunately for die-hard punk lovers, TERRY’s guitarist Xanthe Waite has reassured fans that this album won’t be soggy with soppy tunes; ‘There’s no love songs on the new album but there’s something in the delivery.’ It’s crystal clear that this album was created surrounded by a fountain of love – which just happens to translate into a clangy spectral pop of 10 songs.

So stick on your studs and Doc Martens because one thing that’s for sure – TERRY like to make noise. Step backwards into a 70’s-esque era with this album, where post-punk anarchy drones and fragmented guitars rule over blissy pop. TERRY HQ is a ten-track tangling, sticky web of misshapen glam pop tunes.


1 Moscow On The Thames

2 Hot Heads

3 Alfred 

4 Uncle Greg

5 Don’t Say Sorry

6 Bring Me The Bomb

7 Chitter Chatter

8 Third War

9 Uncle Greg 2

10 Hang Men

TERRY HQ is out tomorrow on Upset The Rhythm. Pre-order it here.

Review: Lauren Shute


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