Born Idiot’s Lucas Benmahammed Talks New Single “Chillhood”

In the time it’s taken Born Idiot moniker Lucas Benmahammed to get his hands on his first physical release four new friends have joined the band. Now a fully fledged 5-piece Born Idiot have their eyes set on the future. With a number of European festivals lined-up and talks of a debut album there’s a great deal of excitement surrounding the Rennes quintet. POND spoke to Lucas about the new album and buzz the Euros.

How does it feel to finally have a copy of Chillhood in your hands?

It’s always nice to get your songs physically, it’s our first tape so we’re glad to have it.

You’ve been on the road playing festivals quite a bit lately, most notably with Twin Peaks.

The festival was great, one of our best shows and we had such a good time with all the bands playing that weekend. Louis, our keyboardist, loved it.

Have you had a chance to listen to Down In Heaven?

I haven’t taken time to listen to it yet but I certainly will.

Talking of new albums. Manuel says you’re working on an album. What can we expect?

We’re going into the studio in July. It’ll be our first album as a band, 12-13 songs, we’re very confident about it. I think it’s going to be the album of the year. We can’t wait to record that shit.

The Euros are in full swing. Have you been to any matches?

We love football. It’s a symbol for us because it represents everyone and the lifestyle we love: bars, music, streets, friends. A nice cliché. Unfortunately we can’t go to any of the matches because we’re poor and they’re too far from our city. But we’re watching a lot of the games on our screens.

Any advice for those travelling to France this summer?

There’s a festival in August called La Route du Rock, it’s a good spot to chill close to the sea with good music. You can also travel to the west coast, there’s some nice places there, better than the east. You don’t need my advice to visit Paris, you’ll always have something to do in the capital.

Read our review of Chillhood here.


Interview: Owen Howard

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