Born Idiot Release New “Chillhood” Single

Born Idiot is the dream pop solo project turned 5-piece from French artist Lucas Benmahammed. With just two songs released so far and talks of a debut album, the band are pretty newly formed, but have racked up the listens in the thousands on SoundCoud and are attracting attention from across the world; not least from Virginia’s Citrus City Records, who have released Chillhood on tape. 

Peter Pan is a soft and intrinsically melancholy number referring to the strain of ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ and the notion of never growing up, and whilst doing so, intertwines their airy and ethereal sound. Dreamy from the very offset, it is clear that Born Idiot themselves are lost in the daze of their youth, and with layers of magical tambourine and twinkling guitar. Whilst the bass heavy verses are complimented with faded drums, as “On my roof I see you dying” is crooned with raw undertones alongside a more thrashy temperament in the chorus, Beach House comes to mind amidst the echoed sound and pushing melody.

Chillhood is equally hazy and though more self assured and expressing, has the same warm mood contrasted with Lucas’ breezy vocals and sparkling guitar leads. This one can’t help but make you want to hum along to it’s simple rhythm and melody, and as the chorus flutters in there is a wonderfully airy sound, pulled along with an almost fluid bassline and a truly loved up sentiment to “Chilling with you”, in all its melancholy.

Read our interview with Lucas Benmahammed here.


Review: Olive Richardson


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