Savoy Motel Share Vintage Inspired Track “Souvenir Shop Rock”

Recently, it seems that psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll has been part of an almighty resurgence in the revival of vintage music genres. The likes of funk, 80’s punk and disco have also been making their way back to the forefront with modern, revamped twists. Industry experts say that one day we will run out of music styles to emulate, so maybe this is why we are seeing such a flurry of up-cycled music genres. 

Don’t get me wrong, when I mention the term ‘up-cycled music’ I’m not comparing it to a Blue Peter inspired craft project where you round up your empty washing up liquid bottles, tie them together and bang on them like some new age instrument. Far from it. This new breed of up-cycled rock is on the rampage, bringing with it a new mindset when it comes to music regeneration. With the likes of Tame Impala and Temples already championing this philosophy, the bar has been set very high for those emerging acts trying to break through onto the scene.

Cue Nashville natives Savoy Motel with their new track Souvenir Shop Rock.

Sounding like it was conceived on the dance floor of Studio 54, the love child of T. Rex and Sly & the Family Stone, Souvenir Shop Rock is a ragged-edged disco funk track at heart. Sometimes it’s difficult to be so plugged-in to a vintage feel without the music seeming time-capsuled. However, Savoy’s vibrancy and musicality catapults the track right back into the 21st century where it belongs.

The future is looking very bright indeed for the Tennessee four as they embark on their headline tour this month, after signing to What’s Your Rapture? and having toured with Black Lips earlier this year.


Review: Jimmy Hunter

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