Topshelf Records and Fresh Juice Create the Perfect Summer Playlist

In 2005 Topshelf Records sprung to life, formed by budding music professionals with similar mingled music tastes and backgrounds. Nowadays, Topshelf Records have swapped their dorm rooms and parent’s garages for spanking new offices in San Diego. What’s more, they’ve now teamed up with POND favourites Fresh Juice to assemble a 15-track playlist that holds the iridescent anthems of your summer.

Fresh Juice are an independent record label and small – yet worldwide – broadcasting radio station from Gloucester. They recurrently unveil the hottest new songs and interviews with contemporary artists – such as Oscar. Topshelf Records and Fresh Juice’s allegiance to working with musicians they believe in; means they’ve unsurprisingly sculpted a playlist teeming with crisp original talent.

Here are some of our favourite tracks from the playlist…

Yumi Zouma – Short Truth


Tune into this hidden gem of a song for The xx vibes and visions made of voltaic swoops. Yumi Zouma’s debut album tour started this month and the NZ rockers are covering a whopping 4 continents. All members previously lived in a house in Christchurch together, ensuring that their music is palpitating with a nostalgic electro atmosphere.

Bruising – Emo Friends


Melancholy vocals contrastingly swaddle this captivatingly breezy coming of age track. Using stringy guitar riffs, Bruising reflect back on every teenagers imminent ‘emo’ phase; ‘I feel alone when I’m with you.’ Self-described ‘Sappy Punx’ from Leeds.

Mock Orange – Intake


Indie-rockers from Indiana Mock Orange, have existed since the 90’s and refuse to let go of that wistfulness with their ethereal nineties punk pop and alternative rhythms. This song wouldn’t be out of place in an American high-school TV drama and will really take you back to your adolescent romance days.

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Wish


Apart from having the coolest band name ever (taken from one of Lou Reed’s quotes on what The Velvet Underground sounded like), Cymbals Eat Guitars implode with futuristic airs and harmonies. Pensive vocals top off this tune, which hits a major ecstatic high in its chorus – crammed with shoegaze and chirpy melodies.



Review: Lauren Shute

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