Foliage Returns With New Single “Selfish”

M Joseph Walker, the moniker behind the solo project Foliage, describes the first singe Selfish off his upcoming album as being a song about being naive and later coming to your senses. With that in mind, it would be easy to play Foliage off as another apathetic, heartbroken act though you couldn’t be more wrong by assuming that.

Coming off as what I can only describe as a bit of a shoegazy Morrissey, Selfish does little in the way of evolving instrumentally and sticks by the genre bread and butter though the main draw in Walker’s pondering, repeatedly asking the person who’s manipulated him if they remember “that day” when times were simpler. The lyrics here do enough to capture the anger and pessimism someone in this situation would feel and it all feels like a solid, spiritual follow up to The Things I Do For Love off of Foliage’s debut LP Truths.

Whether international or not, the gloomy lyrics on show are hopefully just a small glimpse of what is expected of Foliage in the future.


Review: Liam Menzies


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