CLAWS Share Title-Track from Daydream EP

California dreaming – the sunshine, the surf, and the silver screen. A destination for new beginnings and fresh starts, the Golden State oozes the philosophy that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Sticking two fingers up to any doubters, CLAWS live by this mantra as they return with their long awaited Daydream EP.

Like all bands that burst onto the scene with a stellar debut, CLAWS will always have the weight of expectation on their shoulders. Cranking up the fuzz, they share with us their EP’s title track.

Daydream at it’s core is a sublime pop song: whining lead lines, soaked with catchy hooks, sitting somewhere between “fast enough to dance” and “slow enough to hold a pint” CLAWS are not too concerned about being perfect, making sure everyone is having a good time is far higher on their agenda.

A song about making your mind up, taking a leap of faith and following your dreams, Daydream is full of sunshine and good vibes – “It’s the right time to make a move” “Ohh I, I want to go daydream with you”. Turning up the production a few notches, this instalment seems thicker and far more heady than their previous release No Sleep.

It’s definitely a natural progression for the band with the familiar tones of surf and garage rock resounding from start to finish. It seems that CLAWS have really come of age, introducing a new and rejuvenated sound with this sun-streaked opus.

Daydream EP is due for general release on July 2 and will be available in both digital and cassette format.

Review: Jimmy Hunter


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