Mac Meets MBV in Suburban Goth’s Latest EP

The first few seconds of Suburban Goth’s new EP will come as a slight shock to anyone familiar with the California experimental artist; the first track of the Sight EP begins with a mellow ripple of echoing guitars, a world away from the ear-splitting lo-fi shoegaze of his debut album The Love We Had Is Gone. However noise fans fear not- March (Saturday) might begin more Mac DeMarco than My Bloody Valentine but it’s punctuated by explosions of distortion, culminating in a storm of noise, chords growling like rolls of thunder. 

Haunting sees a return to Suburban Goth’s post punk influence, sharper ribbons of guitar cutting through a thudding, monotonous bassline, the barely distinguishable vocals murmuring “You are in my dreams/You are haunting me” over and over the drone. Tranquillity lives up to its name by being the softest moment of the EP, all faded vocals and ethereal shivers of slide guitar before the DIIV-esque (but more lo-fi0 closing track A Thought From a Memory, which builds to a climax of fervent shoegazing then fades back down to just a throb of bass.

Compared to the hellish squall of previous work such as Summer’s Gone, the Sight EP deals substantially less with blistering noise rock and more in combining elements of lo-fi bedroom music and gloomy post punk; not so much a fusion as a brutal smashing together, but proof of a versatile and self-adapting artist.


Review: Eve Brady

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