Sugar Candy Mountain Share Vintage-Inspired “Eye On You” Video

Showing your love and affection for the person of your dreams varies for each of us. Whether it’s texted reminders of how cute and sweet they are, flowers left at cubicles or coffees delivered to their front door, the idea of affection comes with no certain definition. In the case of the Sugar Candy Mountain’s Eye On You, the leading man in this romance brings the single white female nightmare of stalking, but with sweet intentions to life. The most interesting aspect of it all is the meaning behind the madness of this one man, as the band explains the video’s inspiration comes from the idea of stalking in an Internet era. 

The single form this Joshua Tree-based band elevates the retro-infused video to new heights, their vintage-inspired garage pop, a shimmering and sunny complement. Step into your sweetest pumps, run away from the man with his “eye on you” and instead dance along to the saccharine sounds of Sugar Candy Mountain.

Review: Lauren Rearick

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