Margaret Glapsy Shares “You and I” Video

The term “singer-songwriter” get’s banded around an awful lot nowadays, so much so that you will see chalk dusted A boards advertising “The Next Big Thing” outside your local most nights. Heck I may even dust off the old dreadnought and have a strum, why not.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m being negative starting this review on what seems to be a vendetta, that is not my intention as I’m a huge fan of singer songwriters. I’m just trying to highlight the fact that it’s a highly saturated market and to stand out from the clambering crowd and have to have the ability to break down those all too familiar clichés, and Margaret Glapsy’s You and I does just that.

You and I tells the story of a relationship with no future, a relationship where someone has been led along unintentionally resulting in heartache, a solemn subject matter indeed. Brilliantly however all this doom and gloom has been juxtaposed with a bright technicolour setting, using coloured rooms, props and clothing to great effect as Margaret narrates her way through the video. Imagery is a great way to get you thinking, I’ve got my own theory on what the use of colours and clothing represents, have you?

On the face of it the video has that DIY feel which only adds to it’s charm, it makes it feel more personal giving the impression that Glaspy is not only the subject matter but the director, producer and writer as well. Personally I love watching DIY music videos they rely completely on the music to help convey the story, with no hefty production budget this is a sure fire way to separate the true singer songwriters from the pack.

Don’t let my “DIY feel” comment lead down the wrong path, this video has sublime production value it’s transitions are seamless and it has been story boarded beautifully but I’ll let you be the judge of that. What I think it’s really good at is letting the track itself shine. The snarling Telecaster lead lines weave their way in and out of the track complimenting Madge’s raspy vocals sublimely as echoes of drums and bass lay the foundations, not upsetting the fabric of the music video. 

2016 intends to be an exciting year for Margaret Glaspy as she prepares for the release of her long awaited debut album Emotions and Math due to be released on 16 June through ATO Records.

Review: Jimmy Hunter

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