Premiere: Saccharine Releases Single If Nothing Else Ahead of Debut Album We Both Became the Sky, on Disposable America

Massachusetts-based artist Kevin King will release Saccharine’s debut album We Both Became The Sky on 20 May, presenting a natural progression from his earlier solo releases – bedroom pop-folk for fans of Elliott Smith, Death Cab For Cutie and the Microphones.

If Nothing Else is initially simple with soft guitars and warm ticking drums, then layered with angelic piano and crashes of cymbals to create a tone beautifully reminiscent of The Glow Part 2. The almost murmured vocals drift lovingly along amongst these resonating sounds, with a sentiment of secrets shared barely above a whisper, or a flowing chain of thought – ‘A memory of you, and how your flowers grew’ provides a quiet insight without a slight intrusion. The twinkling sounds, cosy melodies and steady pace brings the song to and end before you know it, and at barely 3-minutes long, If Nothing Else really feels like a small trinket of memory and loss, with Kevin’s reflections at the forefront – and I can’t wait to hear what We Both Became The Sky has to offer.

Saccharine release We Both Became The Sky on 20 May on Disposable America. The release is available to pre-order here, with the option of limited edition 7″ vinyl or cassette.

The release show for We Both Became The Sky is Friday, 27 May with Three Man Cannon, the Heavies, and Beached Boy, in Boston, MA.

Olive Richardson

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