An Absolute Masterpiece: Plush – Please

You may not have heard of Plush yet; a four-piece self-labelled “sob-rock” band hailing from sunny from San Fransisco, CA. Escalating out of the world of the undiscovered, the quartet have released their third digital album Please. Please is a five-track pastiche of a glittery stir of feelings, underlining not only the bliss of relationships but also exploring their dreaded intoxication. Not much is known about the troupe at the moment – except that they have a scintillating knack of elusively drawing out feelings you never knew you had.

Please opens with Dreams Of You,  an elegantly sharp tortured love ballad that’s ringing with synth droplets; ‘I get sick when I dream of you / If I hadn’t of loved you I surely would hate you.’ ‘Dreams Of You’ reiterates how judgements can exhaustively change after relationships, it’s packed with dissonance but simultaneously remains brightly chilled to parallel the bands persona.  Meanwhile, Please Don’t Let Me Go gratefully isn’t an Olly Murs tribute, but rather a wavy tune pulsating with bouncy riffs. The narrator is ecstatic in her soliloquy of not wanting to be ‘let go.’ The message to this song is short yet sweet, ending on a minute of pure steady bass and alternative drum beats. 

Go2Bed is serene and trembling in drum rolls, with chanting whispers that are dreamy and out-of touch. Plush’s lyrics are chaotic and sleepy, like a nightmare that you can’t quite piece together. Its pensive, eerie and confusing – basically summing up most relationships. Sheer Power  is a hauntingly alluring exploration of the literal ‘sheer power’ and tight grip of feelings people can have. It’s beachy, thoughtful and shocks with increasing reverb and intense lyrics; ‘It only lasted a moment, I pray I find it again / I’m on my hands and knees begging.’

The albums closes on Fixes, is stark contract to ‘Sheer Power’ this song is downright fed up. ‘I don’t want to hold your head up.’ It’s blasé, repetitive and monotonous in voice. Overall, Please is an absolute masterpiece, stringing together an arc of emotions. If you’re up for some deep thinking or soft haze – this album certainly covers both. 

Please is out now on Father/Daughter Records.

Lauren Shute

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