HODGE: “You’ve Got to Credit Everyone Making Music DIY”

DIY musician HODGE has been bubbling away cooking up something nice since the release of his debut single, and it’s finally ready to be served up. You is jam-packed with summer vibes and a catchy lyrical rhythm and is an appetising taster to the full EP which will be released later this year. What can be expected with the EP is more of the same as HODGE has really tried to put out a collection of songs that work well tighter and capture an overriding theme or feeling. In You the vocals and the lyrics seem to juxtapose each other, with HODGE opting for a sweet and soft voice that dances around really critical and in moment’s harsh lyrics. The guitar pattern is highly upbeat in this really simple track and following his track record it seems the rest of the EP will follow in this same style.


So, You it’s a single taken from your forthcoming EP?

That’s right, I had ideas of releasing an EP around June and then releasing a summer single but scrapped that, and decided to release this tune first and then get the EP done and ready for summer.

That’s cool, this track does inherit a summer vibe. Any themes running through this or the EP?

Yeah it’s been a conscious decision for the rest of the EP to sound in a similar vein such as upbeat and summery. Much because I’ve got a tone of songs written that it’s been a hard choice choosing the track list and what songs to put on, as I do have a few slower songs written that I love, which will probably make it onto a separate EP sometime later this year. 

You mentioned upbeat, but I can’t help but think that the vocals sound a little ‘softly pissed off’, is there a story behind You?

That can be my new genre, softly pissed off! [Hahaha] But no, not really if I’m honest. The chords for the song I’d had for a while but in a different kind of way, so I tried something new with them and the lyrics came out in about 15 minutes. The chorus changed once or twice throughout it though. But as for the story there’s no real meaning behind it, it’s not written about anyone specifically even though it may come across that way.

Talk me through your song writing process.

It changes nearly every time. I write nearly every day, even if it’s phrases I hear or words they go straight in my iPhone notes, sometimes I write a whole song in minutes, sometimes I have a chorus for a song for ages but no verse. I tend to write anywhere, I don’t sit down in my room and think right lets write a song, if a song is going to be good it’s got to be natural and come effortlessly.

Have your influences grown/ developed since the debut track?

I wouldn’t say so. I do love listening to new music and bands, which give me new ideas for songs I guess, but as for influences there’s only a fair few that really inspired me to start writing and recording at the start.

What are you listening to recently?

Day Wave’s recent EP, I absolutely love it, that’s been on repeat a lot, The 1975’s new album is probably going to be my album of the year so far, and also an artist called Conner Youngblood. I found my old Blackberry the other day and found so many sick songs and artists I totally forgot about so I’ve got some listening to do this next week. 

Seems like you’re very supportive of developing musicians. Are you planning on playing live in the future?

Oh, defiantly you’ve got to credit everyone making music DIY in this day and age like most of my favourite artists do. And yes, most defiantly, it’s something I think about nearly everyday. I’ve never played in front of anyone ever so I hope my first gig is going to be something special. I’m not sure when it will be but I’m hoping sometime after summer and then I’m hoping to start gigging more frequently then also.

Domenic Edwards


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