SALES Release Debut LP

SALES’ self released, first LP comes straight from the bedroom, 15 tracks of seamlessly blended dreamy alt-pop. The Florida duo consists of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih; her vocals drizzled like honey over smooth, pretty melodies with an electronic flare. You can hear the sweet simplicity of The xx or the mellow melancholy of Beach House with more of an acoustic rock feel.

The album opens with over, Morgan’s voice in sync with the melody before they part ways, intertwining with one another. It sets the mood perfectly. Single ivy follows suit, subtle electric reverb gliding under sickly lyrics and a slow poppy beat: The distance between us, the size of a planet / It could have been nothing— slow motion discussion. big sis is a personal favourite, another single, with a confident choppy beat which alternates throughout.

jamz is sweet and upbeat, tangled guitars a little rawer tangled and even reminiscent of Beach Fossils. thurs 6-25 comes next, after the electronic minute intermission of be my baby. It’s a woozy, romantic affair, one that begs you to pause, close your eyes and appreciate. Notably, SALES manage this ideal balance of complicated and straightforward melody throughout their songs, methodically layering beats. They’re quiet in the best possible sense; every part simply speaks for itself.

The album works as a whole product for reflection, songs seep into one another as a collection rather than separate singles. We’re left swayed, giddy, feeling deep and introspective. SALES did anything but disappoint for their debut release.

Poppy Allan

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