Oslo House Share Debut Single “Plateau”

The debut single Plateau from Philip Serfaty is one that certainly lives up to its name. Going by the moniker Oslo House, Serfaty has swapped out the energetic nature of his former band Omi Palone with a melodic, basic synth pop outing that has the makings of a bedroom recording written all over it.

Starting off with a simplistic drum beat, the song continues with a minimalistic guitar for the majority of the track, only briefly avoiding stagnation by incorporating a few shimmering synths here and there. Serfaty’s almost deadpan delivery results in a track that is neatly balanced though with nothing really bursting out, his solo project evokes the same stark nature of acts like Porches who manage to do the same thing but with a bit more spice.

While it’s refreshing to see an artist go from one side of the spectrum, in this case post punk, to the complete opposite, it remains to be seen whether this change is a welcome one or not.

Oslo House’s debut 7″ is out 20 May via Trendy Feelings.

Liam Menzies

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