Spotlight: Junk Son

Junk Son is the five-piece project of London-based producer and artist John Dunk, who constructs their gorgeously sinister late night electronica with subtlety and nuance. A year ago came the debut EP Eyes Shut, the title track of which is slowly swept into formation, pulsating drum beats and ebb and flow of synths pulled together by mesmerising vocals. 

It was True that first brought them to POND’s attention however – via the ever reliable music connoisseurs Flying Vinyl. A hypnotic trip hop slow-burner, the kind of hot, heavy, smoky atmosphere that made Massive Attack pioneers of the original Bristol trip hop scene, combined with an icy, ethereal tone. Avoiding sinking in the quicksand that many electronic artists fall into- i.e. making near identical songs- latest track Fool reaches cosmic heights, breaking across the undulating soundscape with a breathy male/female vocal exchange. 

It’s set to be a busy year for Junk Son with a new EP coming this month, plans for gigs both abroad and in the UK and a debut album promised by the end of the year. Look to them for all your midnight sonic needs.

Eve Brady

Artwork: Sam Bryson

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