Naked – Pink Quartz

In a far-away bedroom somewhere in Australia, sounds produced with nylon-stringed guitars and homemade percussion started emerging. A one-man recording project devised by Kieran Sullivan has now blossomed into trio Naked’s fourth album Pink Quartz, which was recorded in a Tasmanian shack in true Aussie style. The album is composed of 13 wonderfully unique and metaphorically inspired tracks.

Spritzed with clangs, Sprinters Of The World Unite is a wrenched surfer spin on The Smiths 1987 classic ‘Shoplifters of The World Unite.’ However, moving away from Morrissey’s whiney flower-weilding; this song’s surrealistic primary focus is on one of the most politically important topics right now – pizza. The trio drool about bust-ups in Domino’s and even visit a jail that serves nothing but you guessed it – pizza. Like a surreal but intrepidly plausible dream, sprinters of the world DO unite to debate the crucial argument of shoplifting breaded goods.

Boys in Blue (Ye All Faithful) – daringly not as religious as the notation may suggest is a synthesis of post grunge-punk drools. It’s thickly harmonious, rather like Ozzy Osbourne belting out a hymn whilst on the lash. Basically, it’s everything a great punk record should be; repetitive, customarily opposing and distorted. Elsewhere on the album, White People Dreaming of Christmas is a boozy slur of a tune weighted in merry bass. It practically encapsulates Christmas in one song. Well, a much more realistic version of Christmas anyway, unless you grew up in the Weasley household.

Other tracks on the album include; another Smiths homage ‘This Charming Man’, the crudely named Massive Cock and the surprisingly catchy Think About Death. Pink Quartz is a lo-fi magnetic masterpiece, pasting together rowdy punk gushes to forge the perfect riot.

Naked’s new album Pink Quartz is out now via Tenth Court.

Lauren Shute

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