Twin Peaks Share New Track “Holding Roses”

Chicago (now) five piece rockers Twin Peaks formed in 2009, and have since released a debut and sophomore album, amongst playing an array of packed house gigs in both the America and the UK. This year they release their third album, Down In Heaven on 13 May, with the addition of fifth member Colin Croom on keyboard, and have so far released Walk To The One You Love and Butterfly – both garage pop songs with an overall slicker sound, but the same groovy, messy and raucously loud sentiment.

Last week however, Twin Peaks offered Holding Roses, a mid-tempo ballad with an instant charm. Whilst lasting just two and a half minutes, the band manage to merge twangy layers of guitar with a classic piano riff in a way that hooks you in to the unforgettable groove. As ‘good bye baby, I wished you could have stayed’ is crooned, the break up song that lies at the heart of the track is lost in the punchy chorus as it swells and swings through. By the time it’s over, you’re already singing the harmony fuelled lyrics word for word.

Olive Richarsdon

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