Spotlight: T-Rextasy

If you’ve ever had the depressing feeling that you’ve just heard ALL the music there is to listen to, that it all sounds the same nowadays, and you can’t remember the last time a band really got you excited, there’s a band ready to resuscitate you. That band is riotous New York five-piece T-Rextasy.

Gap Yr Boiz, the latest single taken from their forthcoming debut album Jurassic Punk, contains- if you’ll excuse the hyperbole- possibly the greatest lyrics of any song to be recorded ever; a hilarious track that rips to shreds rich boys who “leave to find themselves in the goddamn forest“. Musically it certainly pushes some boundaries, breaking down into a whole band conversation then gradually morphing back into song for a last round of the chorus, their voices combining in chaos reminiscent of Girlpool at their most disorderly. Frankly any vocalist that manages to fit lines as scathing as “I hope he’s reached enlightenment in his designer yurt” into a pop song deserves commending, and when they’re delivered with the faux-sweet assurance of Lyris Fahon every lyric feels like an instant classic.

Equally brilliant is Chik’N, a feminist mission statement that rolls its eyes at sickening terms of endearment (“Don’t call me cupcake or honey pie, pet names make me wanna fucking die“) over a thrash of growling garage rock.¬†Unapologetic, noisy, “proud of being sleazy“; forget boring white men in black leather because they don’t come any more punk than T-Rextasy.

By Eve Brady

Illustration by Sam Bryson

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