Oscar – Good Things

Often trademarked as a producer of zesty infectious music, Oscar’s latest release Good Things is by no means an exemption.Good Things froths with contagious beats and sleepy buoyant tones that sketch the Londoner’s stance on our daily desires; ‘We’re all waiting for good things to happen, we all know its true.’ Oscar is callous and honest in his portrait of society’s mundane yet nonetheless intimidating fears. It’s also pinpricked with snags of hope and sulky lo-fi croons, Oscar once stated himself that if he was too happy all of the time he would end up “sounding like Bruno Mars” – a ghastly thought to the majority of indie-pop musicians.

Luckily we don’t have long to wait for Oscar’s next instalment, as his debut album Cut and Paste will be released on 13 May through Wichita Records. Oscar told DIY that the album would bring us all “a little bit on sunshine.” You can expect Cut and Paste to be packed with listlessly rendered rhythms and lo-fi brassy pop. As Oscar no longer operates out of his jumbled bedroom – but rather a fully-fledged studio, Cut and Paste will no doubt be a vast and cleaner progression in comparison to his earlier singles. He’s even joined by folk princess Marika Hackman on one of the tracks titled Only Friend.

Conceivably Cut and Paste could be the deserved breakthrough for Oscar with his dutiful unparalleled sound. We’ll be waiting for that little slice of sunshine until then…

Oscar starts his US tour with Bloc Party in May and will return to the UK for his Cut and Paste tour in September:


22 – The Bodega, Nottingham 

23 – The Louisiana, Bristol

 24 – Parr Street Studios, Liverpool

26 – Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne 

27 – The Hunt & Pint, Glasgow

28 – The Harley, Sheffield 

29 – Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds 

30 – Soup Kitchen, Manchester


1 – The Rainbow Complex, Birmingham

3 – Patterns, Brighton

4 – The Dome, London

Lauren Shute

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