Mirror Gorillas: “We’re a Lot More Foolish Than Other Bands”

Mirror Gorillas are one of those bands that mix complexity and fun ever so well, walking the tightrope of absurdity and genius brilliantly, combining cool, rhythmic rock with intricate themes and tones. Their debut EP: Alright Alright Alright can be seen as a concept album, taking much inspiration from a fairly unorthodox source – Mathew McConaughey and most notably his performance in cult classic Dazed and Confused.

The EP boasts a messy charm, a mess that’s been expertly put together. It’s wavy, dreamlike and the lyrics tell stories that feel right at home in a coming of age film, highlighting classic teenage tropes and putting their own Mirror Gorillas spin on them. They sing about isolation, loss, desire and confusion but these don’t seem so serious masked by the groove these songs have. This EP is bubbly and full of life – classic surfer tunes done perfectly.

Frontman Harry Willicombe talked us through the band’s influences, the background of the EP, and foolish mistakes – such as misspelling their name on Spotify.

Photo: Desirée Nicole
Photo: Desirée Nicole

You describe yourself as a ‘budget Blur’, are there any other major influences in this EP?

Yeah, for this EP we’ve sort of held our influences on our sleeves. We were listening to a lot of Blur, Nirvana and Pixies so it’s sort of a cocktail of those three.

You also described the EP as Mathew McConaughey inspired on your SoundCloud, which is pretty specific. Talk to me about that?

The EP name comes from his character in Dazed and Confused so it’s sort of his EP too. All the songs can represent one of his characters from one film or another if you really look into it you can find that in the EP I guess.

That’s a really interesting concept for an EP but I’m wondering, out of all the actors, what drew you to Mr McConaughey?

He’s just a great guy, he’s good looking, and he’s charming, he’s everything we all want to be.

Haha, that’s fair. So with Mirror Gorillas, what sets you apart from other bands on the same level as you?

We’re a lot more foolish than other bands, we’re interesting to watch I guess. We’re always prone to do something stupid which could come off really well or further show what morons we all are. Some people have said though – it’s our live shows, apparently they’re a whole lot of fun. We try and have more fun than the crowd.

What have you done which was so foolish and stupid?

Well for starts we spelt our own band name wrong when we uploaded it to Spotify etc. which was very, very foolish. Then we had a dance routine for one gig.

Don’t worry I spell ‘goriilas’ wrong all the time. Dance routine is cute though, sounds really fun, where do people have to go if they want to see you play soon?

All in the spirit of that ole rock ‘n’ roll, oh baby. Well, our first gig for a while is tonight [last Wednesday] at Gullivers which will be very, very fun.

Anything after that?

Nothing planned but we’re looking into summer gigs now. We love the sunshine.

Mirror Gorillas’ debut EP Alright Alright Alright is out now.

Domenic Edwards


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